Important dates
Meeting Time

Nov 5 – Nov 8 2015


Meeting Location

Kempinski Hotel Xi’an


Abstract Submission Closes

September 15th, 2015


Web Registration Closes

September 30th, 2015


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Welcome message


        It is our great pleasure to announce that the 15th Asia-Oceania Congress of Medical Physics (AOCMP2015) will be held during Nov. 5-8, 2015 in The Kempinski Hotel of the historical-ancient capital Xi’an city of China. This mega scientific event is co-sponsored and organized by Chinese Society of Medical Physics, and Shanxi Provincial Cancer Hospital, Shanxi Province, China,under the auspices of the Asia- Oceania Federation of Medical Physics (AFOMP),the American Association of Physicists in Medicine(AAPM) and the International Organizations for Medical Physics (IOMP).

        We have planned a comprehensive scientific programme including orations & talks by invited speakers, oral papers, posters and panel discussions. We are expecting a large number of quality papers from you. This conference will be a big expansion and continuation of The Huang’shan AOCMP 2007 conference which was a big gathering of all medical physicists and physicians from all corners of Asian-Oceania countries, and was run very successfully. We wish you to put this big scientific event in your busy schedule in advance, and contact us any time if you need any help related to your registration, your comfortable and fruitful stay in Xi’an.

        Xi'an is one of the oldest cities in the world with a vivid and rich history and culture. It is not only the birthplace of the Chinese Nation, but also the birthplace of human civilization in Asia and the cultural center of prehistoric civilization. As such, Xi'an has a wealth of historical sites and relics to visit and see and is a great place to introduce yourself to Chinese history. The city of Xi'an was the first Chinese city to open up its doors to the Ancient world, not in 1980 under the "Open Door" policy but in fact during the Tang dynasty when Xian blossomed as the first starting point of Silk Rood. The most famous site in Xi’an is the Terracotta Army, built to protect the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, whose Mausoleum lies close the warriors. Both these sights are to the east of Xian. And many dynasties kept the city beautiful and magnificent. More than two hundred and seventy palaces and temples were built in the Qin and the Han dynasties that are attracting many visitors every day from home and abroad to visit.

        We suggest you to keep at least 2 days spare before or after the conference dates for sightseeing while planning your travel plan. The weather in Xi’an is generally very pleasing in October and hope delegates will enjoy visiting Xi’an.

Looking forward to having you in Xi’an!

Professor Yimin Hu


President of AFOMP

Chairman of COC of AOCMP 2015