7th ACOMP and 13th Annual Meeting of CSMP
Scientific Program
Thurs., August 23, 2007
Fri., August 24, 2007
Sat., August 25, 2007
Sun., August 26, 2007
Mon., August 27, 2007







1. There are two meeting rooms (Huizhou Hall and Lianjiang Hall) and one slide-ready room (Xuanyuan Hall) for all scientific and technique meetings. Huizhou Hall and Xuanyuan Hall are on the third floor of Huangshan International Convention Center, and Lianjiang Hall is on the first floor.

2. Huizhou Hall will hold the open ceremony, the closing ceremony, all refresher courses, all plenary sessions, all symposiums, the workshop, and Therapy Sessions 1-7 and 9-12. Lianjing Hall will hold all image sessions, all other sessions, and Therapy Sessions 8 and 13.
3. The official language for the meeting is English from Aug. 23 to the morning of Aug. 26, and is Chinese from the afternoon of Aug. 26 to Aug. 27.
4. For the detailed arrangements of each vender-technique meeting, please refer to the corresponding announcement.
08:00 - 08:50 Refresher Course No.3:
KY Cheung Quality assurance in radiotherapy
Room Huizhou Hall
09:30 - 10:30
Plenary Session 3:
Chairperson Inamura
Room Huizhou Hall
Kwan Hoong Ng (1)Medical Imaging Data Explosion- Are we Meeting the Challenges?
Nasser Maleki (2)Modern quality management in radiation oncology
Masami Torikoshi (3)The status report on carbon radiotherapy in HIMACy
10:30 - 11:00 Tea Break
11:00 - 12:30 Therapy Session 7:IMRT(2)
Chairperson Ting-Jun Zhang    Zhihua Li
Room Huizhou Hall
Zhenyu Qi Application of MOSFET detectors in IMRT point dose verification
Yongqian Zhang Dynamic delivery of intensity-modulated beams with independent collimator: an algorithm study
Ting-Jun, Zhang Evolution of IMRT QA practice at princess margaret hospital
Yuchuan Fu Measurement and evaluation for beam stability and linearity with small MU in step-and-shoot IMRT
Pan Ma MLC quality assurance with mapcheck
Zhihua Li Study on positioning verification method for Elekta multileaf collimator
Qinhong Wu The Development and Application of the RadioTherapy Information Management System (RTIMS)
Therapy Session 8:Speical procedures
Chairpersons Berry Allen    Jun-Zheng Zheng
Room Lianjiang Hall
Surat Vinijsorn Implementation of total skin electron irradiation
Yoshinori Hayakawa Improvement of Heating Pattern by Simultaneous Administration of RF-Inductive and RF-Dielectric Heating
Jun-Zheng Zheng New progress on the system of regulations and standards for radiological protection in P. R. China
Jun-Zheng Zheng Radiation dosimetry for the multi-detector/slice spiral CT
Barry J Allen Regression of metastatic melanoma by tumour Anti-Vascular alpha therapy
Zhicong Huang
The accuracy of image guided robotic sterotactic radiotherapy system
KH Chan Challenges in IMRT Dose Verification in Tomotherapy
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch/Vender Technique Meeetings
14:00 - 17:00 Half-day tour for foreign participants
14:00 - 15:30 Therapy Session 9: IGRT(2)
主席 邱杰    尹勇
会议室 徽州厅
Li Tao Respiration Control and Dosimetry Study on Accurate Radiotherapy for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
翟振宇 摆位随机误差对剂量分布的影响
胡伟刚 机器跳数对兆伏锥形束CT影像质量的影响
黄晓延 基于4D CT影像的放射治疗计划设计
王建华 基于Matlab程序的呼吸运动对剂量影响的评估
何智纯 使用TPS研究摆位误差对鼻咽癌放疗计划剂量分布的影响
李明辉 图像引导放疗的摆位误差分析
柏森 图像引导放射治疗技术初步临床应用及摆位误差分析
柏森 用主动呼吸控制提高肺癌图像引导放射治疗精度
Other Session 1:Education
主席 喀蔚波    王石
会议室 练江厅
冀敏 八年制医学生物理教学改革的思考与实践
张淑丽 多媒体技术在《医学影像物理学》中的应用
洪洋 高等医学院校辐射防护学课程设置与实践
胡贵祥 高职医用物理学教学改革的探索和思考
刘新纯 物理教育与素质培养
翟建才 医学物理教学中的基础和创新
王卫国 医学物理教学中对学生创新能力的培养
阎冰 医学物理学教学内容和方法的探讨
吴祖明 在医用物理实验教学中开展学生互评活动的实践
15:30 - 16:00 Tea Break
16:00-17:30 Workshop on using the Internet for Real-time Interactive Academic Exchange
Room Huizhou Hall
(1) Milton Woo
(2) Kwan Hoong Ng
(3) Hong Quan
Evening dinner