7th ACOMP and 13th Annual Meeting of CSMP
Scientific Program
Thurs., August 23, 2007
Fri., August 24, 2007
Sat., August 25, 2007
Sun., August 26, 2007
Mon., August 27, 2007





Sat., August 25, 2007

1. There are two meeting rooms (Huizhou Hall and Lianjiang Hall) and one slide-ready room (Xuanyuan Hall) for all scientific and technique meetings. Huizhou Hall and Xuanyuan Hall are on the third floor of Huangshan International Convention Center, and Lianjiang Hall is on the first floor.

2. Huizhou Hall will hold the open ceremony, the closing ceremony, all refresher courses, all plenary sessions, all symposiums, the workshop, and Therapy Sessions 1-7 and 9-12. Lianjing Hall will hold all image sessions, all other sessions, and Therapy Sessions 8 and 13.
3. The official language for the meeting is English from Aug. 23 to the morning of Aug. 26, and is Chinese from the afternoon of Aug. 26 to Aug. 27.
4. For the detailed arrangements of each vender-technique meeting, please refer to the corresponding announcement.
08:00 - 08:50
Refresher Course No.2:                   
Lei Xing IGRT Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Room Huizhou Hall
09:00 - 10:30
Plenary Session 2:
Chairperson Yimin Hu
Room Huizhou Hall
SL Bao (1)Research and Application of MRI
Yan Di (2)IGRT based on Cone-beam CT 30 min
An Liu (3)Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) With Helical Tomotherapy 30 min
10:30 - 11:00 Tea Break
Therapy Session 4:Invited Talks(2)
Chairperson Lei Xing
Room Huizhou Hall
Barry J Allen Alpha Particle therapy
Jianrong Dai (1) Treatment planning for IMRT
Allen Li (2) Biological treatment planning
Image Session 2
Chairpersons Kwan Hoong Ng    Shinichi Tamura
Room Lianjiang Hall
L.L. Kang Confocalraman mapping of erythrocyte
Zheng-Tang Chen Enhancing radiosensitivity of human lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells by a synthetic radio-inducible synchronizing positive feedback gene-circuit based on signaling pathway of nitric oxide
Shinichi Tamura GLG: Improving conventional X-ray imaging using grid-less and grid images
Shinichi Tamura Improving resolution power of retinal cell images by synthetic aperture postprocessing of SLO
Xin-jing Zheng Imaging surface charge of erythrocyte by QD labeling
Kiyomi Ishida Method of elasticity measurement of breast cancer by uniform pressure of water-bag pressing
Carrison KS Tong Visulization and modelling of viruscontaminated warter droplet
Jiang Meiling X-ray DDS (Drug Delivery System) for dynamic imaging for cancer radiation therapy by using colloidal gold
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch/Vender Technique Meeetings
14:00 - 15:30 Therapy Session 5: IMRT(1)
Chairperson Yang Wang    Xingen Wu
Room Huizhou Hall
Rena Lee 3-Dimensional analysis of the effectiveness of belly board device on small bowel displacement
Pradip Kumar Deb Comparison of 3D conformal radiotherapy and IMRT plans by using radiobiological models for the treatment of prostate cancer
Zhengzhong He Contouring uncertainty of spinal cord and its dosimetric effect
Xingen Wu Effect of rectum contents on dosimetrics in image-guided intensity modulated radiation therapy:a phantom study
Sun Shuai Intensity modulated radiation therapy of cervical cancer
Bin Hu Preliminary studyof optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimetry for clinical IMRT dose verification
Liqing Zhou Systematical evaluation of simplified intensity-modulated radiation therapy
Yang Wang Virtual film used in planning technique evaluation - compare 3-DCRT, inverse planning IMRT and forward planning IMRT,advantages and disadvantages discussion
Seungjong Oh Preliminary study for a new concept of multileaf collimator - dual-layer MLC
Therapy Session 6: Dosimetry(2)
Chairperson Allen Li    Hai Jo Jung
Room Lianjiang Hall
Hyun-Tai Chung Absorbed dose to water measurement for a gamma knife type C
Guishan Fu Commissioning of treatment planning system for intensity-modulated radiation therapy
Jeong-Eun Rah Determination of output factor of 4 mm collimator in gamma knife; deconvolution correction for the effect of detector size
Sung Kyu Kim Evaluation skin dose of intensity modulated radiation therapy in breast cancer
Yao-Xiong Huang Investigation on the instant effects of radiations on living cells by multi-dimensional microscopy
Quanshi Zhang The research of the energy-decelerator for
MM50 electron beam
Gang Song A Monte Carlo Brachytherapy Simulation for Dose Distribution Prediction in homogeneous and inhomogeneous Phantoms
Gui Li Improved inversion algorithm for 3D electron dose calculation based on hybrid pencil beam model
Chul Woo Joh Absorbed Dose of P-32 Disk for Superficial Tumor Therapy
15:30 - 16:00 Tea Break
16:00-17:30 IOMP Symposium on Professional Development
Room Huizhou Hall


KY Cheung
Co-Chair: A Krisanachinda
R Wu Professional Aspects of Medical Physics- American Perspective USA
Jose Carlos da Cruz Professional Development of Medical Physicists in Latin America Brazil
KH Ng Professional Development of Medical Physicists in AFOMP Region AFOMP
H Zaidi Medical physics in the 21st century- a challenge for Africa   Africa  
Tae Suk Suh Overview of Statistics in Asia-Oceania Congress of Medical Physics   Korea
All speakers Panel Discussion  
17:30 -18:10 Varian Symposium on IGRT Clinical Solution
Evening CSMP Acknowledgement Banquet
(Sponsored by Varian)
(18:30~20:00, Shecounty Grand Restaurant)