7th ACOMP and 13th Annual Meeting of CSMP
Thurs., August 23, 2007
Fri., August 24, 2007
Sat., August 25, 2007
Sun., August 26, 2007
Mon., August 27, 2007





Fri., August 24, 2007

1. There are two meeting rooms (Huizhou Hall and Lianjiang Hall) and one slide-ready room (Xuanyuan Hall) for all scientific and technique meetings. Huizhou Hall and Xuanyuan Hall are on the third floor of Huangshan International Convention Center, and Lianjiang Hall is on the first floor.

2. Huizhou Hall will hold the open ceremony, the closing ceremony, all refresher courses, all plenary sessions, all symposiums, the workshop, and Therapy Sessions 1-7 and 9-12. Lianjing Hall will hold all image sessions, all other sessions, and Therapy Sessions 8 and 13.
3. The official language for the meeting is English from Aug. 23 to the morning of Aug. 26, and is Chinese from the afternoon of Aug. 26 to Aug. 27.
4. For the detailed arrangements of each vender-technique meeting, please refer to the corresponding announcement.
08:00 - 08:50 Refresher Course 1:
Room Huizhou Hall  
Jack Yang Principles and Implementation of IMRT
Maria Chan Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy–Optimization, Delivery, Quality Assurance and Clinical Examples
09:00 - 09:30
Open ceremony
09:30 - 10:30
Plenary Session 1:
Chairperson Shanglian Bao
Room Huizhou Hall
TS Suk (1)CT imaging technique and its applications 30 min
Steve Meikle (2)Positron emission tomography: recent advances and emerging applications 30 min
10:30 - 11:00 Tea Break
11:00 - 12:30 Therapy Session 1:Invited Talks(1)
Chairperson Raymond Wu
Room Huizhou Hall
Slobodan Devic (1)3D image guided brachytherapy
John Duttenhaven (2)Clinical aspects of prostate brachythrapy;
Nasser Maleki (3)Physical aspects of prostate brachytherapy
Imaging Session1:PET_CT_MRI

Shanglian Bao    Tae-Suk Suh

Room Lianjiang Hall
Song Wang
A region-based level sets approach for PET image segmentation and its application in IMRT treatment planning for lung cancer
Haijo Jung Evaluation of Clinical Dose Level of Mammography in Republic of Korea
Zhongliang Zu Fat-water separation using single-acquisition SSFP and phase correction
Hyo-Min Cho Imaging characteristics for mobile type digital radiographic system and computed radiographic system
ZongJian Cao Improvement of spatial resolution for the In-111 coincidence camera
Zhonghua Sun Investigation of optimal parameters for chest radiograph imaging using film-screen and computed radiography
Sora Nam The evaluation of PET images reconstructed attenuation map using minimized low dose CT
Ju-Young Hong Development of Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Seed Localization in Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch/Vender Technique Meeetings
14:00- 15:30 Therapy Session 2: IGRT(1)
Chairpersons Xiaowu Deng    Maria Chan  
room Huizhou Hall
Yan Song 4DCT imaging:which phase should be used in 4DRT treatment planning for mobile lung cancer
Rena Lee Bladder volume variations in patients receiving conformal radiotherapy to prostate
Michael Lee Dosimetric changes on normal tissues during the course of intensity-modulated radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Xiaoqin Jiang

Researches on the dose calculation using KV Cone beam CT images for IGRT

Ke Zhang Influence of respiratory motion on image quality acquired with kilo-voltage cone-beam computer tomography
Maria Chan Technical issues and clinical implementation of 4D radiation therapy
Jai-Woong Yoon The enhancement of the spirometer signal for the gated radiotherapy
Yongjie Li An optimization method to minimize the discrepancy between the optimized and segmented intensity maps in IMRT planning
Doo-Hyun Lee Rectal Balloon Induced Dose-Sparing Effects for prostate cancer in Proton Therapy
Therapy Session 3: Dosimetry(1)
Chairpersons Jack Yang    Sou-Tung Chiu-Tsao
Room Lianjiang Hall
Eunseon Lee Analysis and comparison of Bremsstrahlung process using EGSnrc and GEANT4 code systems
Jack Yang Clinical dosimetry analysis of Siemens MVCB and EPID
Jeung Kee Kim Dose distribution at abutted face of adjacent photon-photon and photon-electron fields using independent jaw
Cruz, J.C Dosimetric characteristics of the Varian a Si-1000 for pre-treatmen verification of dinamic IMRT
Kun Yue Monte carlo simulation on the radiation shielding effect of polyethylene and graphite fibrous materials
Sou-Tung Chiu-Tsao Radiochromic film dosimetry in the build-up region and off-axis points and potential clinical applications
Jin-Beom Chung Radioprotective effect of bolus on testicular dose following radiotherapy
S. J. Jeon
Koan-Sik Joo
Simulation of X-ray photon and radiation dose for nano CT imaging
15:30 - 16:00 Tea Break
16:00 -17:30 AFOMP Symposium on Education & Training
Room Huizhou Hall


K Inamura
Co-Chair: KY Cheung
Kiyonari Inamura Problems in Education and Training of Medical Physicists in the Asia-Oceania Region Japan1
Jose Carlos da Cruz Education and Training of Medical Physicists in Latin America Brazil1
A Krisanachinda Education and Training of Medical Physicists in Thailand Thailand1
M Woo

Using the Internet for Real-time Interactive Academic Exchange / Distance Teaching in Medical Physics


Medical Physics Education in China

All speakers Panel Discussion  
17:30 -18:10
Report on IGRT Clinical applications by Elekta
Evening Congress Banquet
(Sponsored by Elekta)
(18:30~20:00, Huishang Birthplace Restaurant)